International Solar Rally

Demonstrative Rally of Electrical Vehicles


Objective of ral·li solar’2002

The "ral·li solar’2002" will promote the knowledge of the advantages of the use from electrical vehicles in urban areas.

The rally is non competitive and open to the participation of every type of electrical vehicle.


Start (Saturday 1 of June)

The start is in the Plaça de Sant Jaume in Barcelona.  Before the start the vehicles were reviewed in order to verify the correct operation of all security elements.

Route (Saturday and Sunday)

The total route is of about 70 km.  The orography of the land is very smooth.  The rally will make stops at diverse municipalities to make public activities and demonstrations.  In addition the vehicles were recharged.

Mapa de la ruta

The municipalities that participate in the different stages from rally are:

1) Barcelona (start)
2) Parets del Vallés (1. stage, Fira ECO-VALLÈS)
3) Sabadell (2. stage)
4) Terrassa (3. stage)
5) Rubí (4. stage)
6) Sant Cugat del Vallès (arrival)

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During the route the participants are forced to fulfill all the norms of circulation and signals of traffic.  In no case they can surpass the established limitations of speed in public roads.

Arrival (Sunday 2 of June)

The arrival and closing is in the municipality of Sant Cugat of Vallè's, near the monastery.  In this last stage will take place the delivery of prizes as well as the closing party.

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It is open to the participation of any vehicle that uses a nonpolluting motor (zero emission).

The list of inscription of vehicles opens day 1 of March and it closes the 10 of May, under a guarantee of 60 euros that will when coming out give back when presenting the vehicle at the rally.

The vehicles that do not have circulation permission (prototypes etc.) must register before  19 of April to be able to manage the corresponding transit police proceedings.

All participant vehicle must have an insurance of civil responsibility.

In order to see the inscribed vehicles click here

In order to register a vehicle click here.

Prizes and Subventions

It exists the possibility of receiving subventions under concept of displacements for the participants who come from distant places.

At the end of the rally prizes of gratefulness to all the participant vehicles will be distributed.


Amb el suport de:Col·laboren:

ajuntament de barcelona

Per a mes informació pot contactar amb Volt-Tour:

Josep Viver (director del ral·li)
Tel. 93 219 30 37 fax: 93 219 01 07
(horari 9:00 - 19:00)

Patrick Renau Meier (president de l'associació Volt-Tour)

Tel. 93 674 22 48
(horari 19:00 - 21:00)